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1) ASIA’s existence is for the purpose of serving the General Insurance Agency Field force and to act as a VOICE for them in the feedback of their views and concerns to the General Insurance Association and other relevant Regulatory bodies so as to achieve greater Transparency and Accountability of the businesses transacted.

2) To Work with GIA, ARB and the MAS plus other relevant Regulatory Authority to Raise the Professionalism of the General Insurance Agents who has a significant stake and contribution to the insurance industry.

3) To Responsibly Disseminate and Share information from the Insurance Industry Practitioners and Regulatory bodies which are relevant to the agents so as to assist and enhance the quality of their services rendered to their clients and customers for the principals.

4) To Coordinate and Organize Training Programs for the training of agents so as to assist them in raising the level of their professionalism as well as service level and be Accountable and Responsible for the services they render for the Principals to the clients and vice versa.

5) For ASIA to be representative and play a responsible role, we will need the support of Agents to join ASIA and together work for the benefits of all stakeholders of the insurance industry and in return gets rewarded for a job well done.

6) With Passion for our Trade and Dedicated Leadership working in collaboration with the Agency Field Force and Relevant Regulatory bodies, ASIA aspire to play an integral role and contribute to further enhance the insurance industry image and professionalism.


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